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Document.One is a secure, easy-to-integrate, centralized access point for all of your sensitive information and content. Convert your data into valuable digital assets through our comprehensive set of features.

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Capture & Retrieval

Scan, index, and extract data from diverse content types. Use tagging and content classification for quick content retrieval.

Template-based document creation

Simplify the content creation process and stay consistent in style across all your content, in compliance with your organization’s formatting guidelines.

Content classification and tagging

Attach descriptive information to your content and classify it to save time with content retrieval.

Conversion service

Convert your content with ease, and speed up search, retrieval, and the sharing of information across your value-chain.

Analytics & Reporting

Analyze content usage and monitor database performance with built-in analytics tools and custom metrics.

Monitoring and health status checks

Ensure your DMS’s operation efficiency and detect anomalies to shorten repair and downtime.

Database overview

Get an overview of the data types stored in your DMS to better understand and leverage your digital assets.

Security & Compliance

Ensure compliance with regulations and policies with access controls, backups, and audit trails.

Secure user permissions and access control

Authorize users based on their roles and comply with regulations with our built-in access control lists.

Multi-organizational support

Document.One is designed to provide a centralized repository for your contents while supporting the unique needs of different departments and organizations within your enterprise.

Audit trails

Review a comprehensive history of all changes made to the content, including who made the changes, when they were made, and why.

Full administrator access

Gain complete control over all aspects of the DMS when necessary to modify configurations, security, and content.

System Integrations

Tab into new business opportunities with our system integrator APIs and connectors.

API integration with third-party systems

Adapt Document.One DMS based on your specific needs by integrating it with third-party applications and services using our full set of APIs.


Access and manage contents from the data sources of your choice and unify your data storage with the variety of our connectors and adapters. Learn more about Document.One Connectors here.

Workflow integrations

Integrate Document.One DMS into your document workflow and automate routine tasks and processes to free up staff time and focus on more crucial deliveries.

Easy Collaboration

View, comment on and edit content in real-time across your teams. Automatic versioning keeps track of your changes for safe recovery.

Real-time viewing and commenting

Give real-time, direct feedback on the content to ensure efficient communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Office 365 integration

Access and manage content stored on Document.One DMS directly from Office 365 applications and save changes back to Document.One DMS.


Sign documents securely and quickly, without the need for printing, scanning, or mailing papers.

Storage & Version Control

Scan, index, and extract data from diverse content types. Use tagging and content classification for quick content retrieval.

On-premise and Cloud-based solutions

Store and access your content in our secure and scalable On-premise and Cloud-based solutions.

Support for different data sources

Access and store and manage your documents all in one place, regardless of where they are stored.

Multi-format data support

Store your content in the preferred format – including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, images, audio, video, and more.

Version control

Compare different content versions, avoid conflicting changes, and revert changes when necessary.

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