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Your content management needs are unique. So should your platform be. Highly customizable and designed with an integration-first approach, Document.One is a secure, easy-to-integrate, centralized access point for all your contents.

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Draw insights from your digital assets

Turn your data into valuable digital assets and gain business advantage through our comprehensive set of APIs.

Innovation Industry

Document.One is fundamentally an integrative solution that seeks to improve the market through the contributions of innovative thinkers. If your business shares our values, let’s work together to integrate solutions and create change.


Accelerate claims processing, ensure policy adherence, and elevate customer satisfaction with our flexible Document Management System (DMS) and versatile API toolkit.

Investment & Banking

Enhance data auditability with Document.One’s unified and organized repository. Improve document reachability with advanced searching component and our indexing feature.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Stay compliant with confidentiality regulations and maintain a smooth data flow. Use Document.One to capture, create, distribute and automate documents, collaborate in a shared workspace and connect to your various data resources.

Data — managed your way

Leverage data across your value chain. Document.One offers an adaptable and versatile toolkit to empower your business wherever you are, whatever you use.

Capture & Retrieval

Scan, index, and extract data from diverse content types. Use tagging and content classification for quick content retrieval

Analytics & Reporting

Analyze content usage and monitor database performance with built-in analytics tools and custom metrics

Security & Compliance

Ensure compliance with regulations and policies with access controls, backups, and audit trails

System Integrations

Tap into new business opportunities with our system integrator APIs and connectors

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Software AG is a prominent provider of enterprise integration solutions. Document.One’s connectors offer a range of integration options that have enabled us to connect with a wide variety of digital ecosystems and user workflows of our clients. The versatility of the connectors enhanced the solutions we offer and accelerated our business growth.

As a leader in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industry, it is essential that Johnson & Johnson stays compliant with strict industry regulations to ensure safe innovation and medical breakthroughs. With Document.One, access to critical data collected from various data sources is well-regulated, and their API set has enabled us to overcome document processing challenges in a fast and scalable manner, saving us time and money.

Document.One has been a valuable partner for SwissRe in our efforts to improve insurance claims processing. Their API set and integrative approach have enabled us to tailor our platform’s user interface to our specific needs, resulting in a more efficient content workflow and increased productivity.

At Unicredit, we were struggling to digitalize paper content while maintaining their functionality and ensuring compliance With regulatory requirements. Thanks to Document.One’s solution, we’ve been able to make our processes more efficient, reduce content administration costs, and make our employees’ lives easier.

General Questions

How does Document.One help my organization?
  • Document.One is a company that provides Document Management System (DMS) and Connectors solutions to its clients. Our goal is to ease processes related to every stage of a document’s life cycle in a fast and scalable manner, specifically in highly regulated industries.
  • Document.One Connectors can help clients and partners who require the integration of their solution into their customers’ Document Management (DMS), Content Management (CMS) and Enterprise Content (ECM) Management systems.
What are key components of Document.One DMS?

Document.One DMS key components include:

  • Rest APIs: A comprehensive set of APIs for performing operations related to every stage of a document lifecycle. For the full list of API capabilities, you can login and view our API documentation.
  • WebReader: Through the Document.One WebReader component, you can browse through contents, view documents, and comment on them. You can also use the split view function to view different documents side by side.
  • User interface components: These web components allow easy integration of content-related user interface components into custom applications. This includes, for example, search fields, hit lists, buttons and saved searches.
What are the system requirements to operate the Document.One DMS on-premise?
There are different setups with different software and hardware requirements in the Document.One DMS:

  • Depending on the use case, you might require 4-8 CPU, 12-32 GB of Memory, Minimum GBit network and Linux – Kernel 3.10 or newer.
  • For a more detailed description of the system requirements, you can visit our Documentation Portal.

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